I can't login to my GPS Application on my Mobile device (IPhone/Android), why?

  • You can click "Forgot Password" and you will receive a message to the email you have set on file to put a NEW Password. Then you can log back in with the new password. 
  • Go to your phone settings>Apps>Click our APP>Storage>Clear Cache/Clear Data (Android)
  • Simply go to the App Store and re-install the APP (Iphone)
  • You may contact us at info@yourspystore.com and let us know to reset your password. BUT you will need to verify a few things so we know its you. If you're not able to verify such information you will have to come into the store. We have strict privacy rules for our customers. 

I have turned off my GPS device and now that i turned it back on location is not showing, why?

  • There could be many reasons but first be sure your service has not ended. Reach out to us with your ID and account information so we can check quick
  • If you're located in the city or an area with high rise buildings the device will not be able to give you a GPS location as the satellite signals are being blocked by the buildings. Pleas take the GPS device in an area with open skies and location should pick up in a few minutes
  • Check to see you have put the SIM card into the device properly. The SIM card slot is located beside the charging port of the device. Once the SIM card is "clicked" in you will see flashes of Green lights. If you don't see that then SIM card is not inserted properly or GPS device has no battery and needs to be charged.
  1. Sega 5K: 4-5 Hours of charging needed
  2. Sega 10K: 7-8 Hours of charging needed
  3. Sega 20K: 8-10 Hours of charging needed

While the devices are in charging state you will see a Red solid light. 

Once the devices are fully charged, the Red light is gone. You can also check the battery percentage by logging into your www.YourGPSstore.com account or the APP.

I can't see my GPS Device History from 6 Months ago?

  • The Basic account saves your device history for 3 months for security purposes and that is 3 months from the current date. 
  • Alternatively you can download the history information by logging into your www.YourGPSstore.com account so you have the records forever. 

Is there Warranty on your GPS Trackers?

  • YES. We provide a real 1 year warranty on our products. Our products have a real waterproof structure. Our competitors customers have come to us because their devices have gotten water inside them and need something superior. 

What do i use to charge my GPS Tracker?

  • Please use a high quality charger or branded charger. We are not responsible for users who charge their GPS Trackers with poorly made chargers. You can always use your IPHONE or Samsung chargers.
  1. Charging output must be 2.4A to 3A