Where Should I Hide A GPS Tracker on a Car?

There are many online diagrams/blogs mentioning where to hide your GPS tracker and many of them are not ideal nor a good hiding spot. Here I will detail out many different scenarios, factors and situations which can help steer you to the right direction. 

Its important to always do some research before purchasing GPS Trackers or even placing one under a vehicle. If the other individual finds out you're tracking them your whole plan can fail, cause a legal conflict and this is why you should read below carefully as to where to hide a GPS Tracker on a Car/Truck/Van.

Where To Hide a GPS Tracker on a Car Safely

You have many options to hide a GPS Tracker and making sure you do not obstruct the Antenna as it transmits the location for you. 

Below are many examples of where you can hide a GPS Tracker.

Under the Steering Wheel, (Above the Pedals)

Most Cars have a lot of open space to place your GPS Tracker deep inside the dashboard where the steering wheel is. This place is highly recommended if you have access to the vehicle on a regular basis and if your GPS Device is rather small either Hard Wired or Magnetic. Of course there is no place a magnet will stick here. So what you can do is use a Brand Name Strong Velcro Adhesive which will stick to the inside walls. One side of the Velcro Sticks to the GPS Tracker and the other Sticks to where you wish to place it. 

Depending on the vehicles some may have less or more area to hide things. This is very common for luxury cars such as Mercedes Benz, Jaguars, Porsche and so forth as there aren't many hiding spots.

Recommended** You can always visit your local dealership to check out the vehicle you're tracking to inspect the insides and exterior for hiding spots. Or take advantage of YouTube.


Under the Car

If you have a waterproof & magnetic GPS Tracker make sure its properly sealed by closing any open parts or screws. You can also check out our High Rating IPX7 Water Proof GPS Trackers

With most high end cars there may be plastic coverings throughout the bottom of the vehicle leaving very few metallic spots to place the Tracker. Check your local dealership or visit a non local mechanic and lift up your vehicle to easily find hiding spots for a GPS Tracker. When you visit the Mechanic ask them to inspect your car for any magnetic devices but really you're looking for hiding spots. You can also lie down and check under the car for hiding spots. Do not place the tracker near the exhaust as it produces a lot of heat and can damage your device. 

Some vehicles allow you to easily reach far up in the car and stick the device to a metal surface. The chassis of any car is metallic and can be an ideal place. See below for a diagram showing the chassis.

 The long metals on each side of the car is the chassis. Here you can place the Tracker either on top or under it. On Top is recommended as the device has less chances of falling from a sudden bump or weak magnets.  

Our trackers have very strong magnets making it very unlikely to fall off. Note** As long as you place the whole magnet surface area of the tracker on full metal then you're fine. Some vehicles have rust proof coating which significantly (95%) reduces the magnetic hold and should not be placed there. 

Depending how big your Magnetic tracker is we do recommend to not make the device stick out so much like below image, because:

1. Someone driving from behind can see something sticking out and mention to the driver

2. The driver can walk back to their car and at a distance can see something sticking out. 

3. It can hit against a bump and fall off depending how low the car is or how fast the driver passes by a speed bump. 

Inside Framing of the Wheels HIGHLY NOT RECOMMENDED**

No matter the size of your GPS Tracker this location is very visible & prone to falling off especially in snowy areas. Place the device here at your own risk. 

In the Front or Rear Bumper

We don't recommend removing the bumpers as it can damage or leave signs of tampering and very labor intensive. Instead we recommend using Velcro to stick the GPS Tracker inside the bumper so it wont move around when the car turns therefore not alarming the driving of any sounds. Some Vehicles have a metal rod holding the bumper to the body of the vehicle therefore you can place the device touching the metal rod while its sitting in the bumper. Ziploc can also hold the tracker tight against the metal rod. See below image as a real life example (The black device with green light is a tracker deep inside under the vehicle bumper against metal on two sides)