CAM-U7 Hidden Spy USB Digital Camcorder 720P HD VIDEO / 2-10 Hours Battery & Continuous/Motion Activated

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MemoQ MQ-CAMU7 Flash Drive Camera


The MemoQ MQ-CAMU7 Flash Drive Camera is a powerful surveillance tool that looks and works like a normal USB flash drive. You can wear the camera on your clothes, keep it on your desk, or carry it around on a keychain. It's perfect for recording video on the go, capturing your personal conversations, or for keeping an eye on your valuables. Record stunning HD video and audio everywhere you go with the MemoQ MQ-CAMU7 Flash Drive Camera

The MemoQ MQ-CAMU7 Flash Drive Camera is one of the smallest hidden cameras money can buy. Just like a normal flash drive, the device plugs into the USB slot on your computer. You can also carry the device around on a key chain or wear it on your clothes using the included USB clip. Whether you're at home, work, or walking down the street, no one will suspect that you're recording video.

Despite its small size, the MemoQ MQ-CAMU7 Flash Drive Camera records full 720P HD video and audio. It captures faces and voices clearly across long distances. You don't have to worry about dealing with blurry footage or unclear audio. If you're being bullied at work or if you're worried that someone is tampering with your belongings, the device will capture all of the evidence in stunning detail.

When you're trying to record someone without their knowledge, fiddling with your hidden camera until you get the perfect angle isn't always an option. The MemoQ MQ-CAMU7 Flash Drive Camera features a 90-degree rotatable lens. One touch and you can quickly reposition the lens on the camera without bringing attention to yourself. Just leave the camera clipped to your clothes or on your desk and you can always get the perfect vantage point.

When you purchase a 128GB memory card, you can store up to 30 hours of HD footage on the device. When the memory card is full, just plug the flash drive into the USB slot on your computer to transfer and manage all of your files. The device will also stamp the time and date on your video files. When you go back through your footage, you'll know exactly when each incident took place.


Perfect for: Covert, Portable Surveillance

720P Motion-Activated Video and Audio Recording

Plug-in Device or Battery Life of 2 Hours (10 hours Standby Time)

90-Degree Rotatable Lens

Clips onto Clothing

Includes Motion-Activated and Continuous Modes

Takes up to 128GB MicroSD Card (Not Included)

Date and Time on Video


Item Name: USB Digital Video Recorder

Video Quality: HD 720P

Recording Format: .AVI

Recording Time

10 Hours (Motion Activated Recording)

2 Hours (Continuous Recording)

Memory Space: Supports up to 128GB MicroSD Card (Sold Separately)

Recording Modes: Continuous Recording / Motion Activated

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