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The 4GB Bluetooth Voice and Cell Phone Recorder with 12 Hour Battery is a Bluetooth handset with the added function of being able to record cell phone conversations. Use it for cell conversations or face to face conversations with your boss, loved ones at meetings and more. Without wires or a headpiece, the thin, lite, device is roughly 4 ½ inch long is easier to hold than today’s modern large heavy cellphones. Just pair the device with any modern cellphone with Bluetooth, and it will begin recording phone conversations automatically (only you will be able to tell that the recording is happening).

To record conversations simply slide the record switch on the right side of the device into the voice mode.To record your cellphone calls move the switch into the mobile position and start the recording.

Connecting to this voice recorders blue tooth option is a snap. Do not power on the unit simply hold down the silver call button in the center front of the device and wait for the blue tooth symbol to flash blue and red. Once the light is flashing open your cellphones blue tooth tab and locate the voice device, it will be named BR-20, simply pair the recorder to your cellphone. You are now connected via blue tooth. At this point you can make calls through your cellphone and record them, simply put the unit up to your ear after you called your mark and speak into the blue tooth device it will capture everything you are saying and everything the other party is saying and store it on the actual device.

To play back your audio files make sure the unit is off then press and hold the play button for 3 seconds on the left hand side of the the unit. To play back on a computer, simply pop the cap off the bottom of the device and plug the USB into your PC or MAC. All the files are recorded in an MP3 format which is easily recognized by all computers.

Charging this device is a breeze, simply pull the cap off the bottom of the unit and plug the USB into your PC or any powered USB device. It takes 2 hours to fully charge this unit.

Are you looking to record your cellphone calls? Simply pair this device using the Bluetooth of your smartphone and never miss an important call again.

The Bluetooth recorder has a built in 4GB flash drive that stores 144 hours of audio recordings and a 12 hour battery. Plug and play download to any PC or MAC and a 2 hour recharge time makes this device one of the best phone and voice recorders on the market today.

Have an iPhone 7 or thinking of upgrading to one? This is the device for you. The new iPhone 7 has taken out the 3.5mm headphone jack so this is one of the only compatible devices for recording important calls on your iPhone 7.

This versatile device can also be used as an actual voice recorder and record face to face conversations, lectures, business meetings and more.

Record your Cell Phone Calls
Recording Conversations
Recording Lectures
Recording Business Meetings
On-the-Go Covert Recording
Law Enforcement Evidence Gathering
Record Verbal Abuse at Work or Home
Child Custody Cases
Dictation Device

Automatic call recording
Automatic power-off when a call ends
Audio pick up range: 40ft in optimal conditions
4GB flash drive that stores 144 hours of audio
Use as a digital voice recorder for lectures and memos
Record calls through your cell phones blue tooth
A built-in speaker for hearing playback of conversations
A clip for attachment to your person
Quick Recharge 2 hours
Plug and play download for MAC or PC, no software required
Can be paired with your mobile device within 10 meters (roughly 30 ft.)
Battery Life: 5 hours of blue tooth recording or 12 hours of voice recording (face to face).

Battery Life: up to 5 hours via Bluetooth (12 hours voice recording)
4GB Built in memory
Storage Time: 144 Hours
Bluetooth Range 30FT
Recharge Time: 2 Hours
Frequency range: 2.402 ~ 2.480 GHz
Dimensions: 0.79 in. X 4.4 in. X 0.45 in.
Weight: 20.5 g

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