8GB Spy Hidden Continuous Recording Digital Pen Audio Voice Recorder 10 hours Battery Life (Up to 630 hrs recording time)

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Quick Product Information:

  • Records audio up to 20-feet away 
  • 10 Hours Internal Battery Life (USB rechargeable) 
  • Bit Rate Quality: 512kbps
  • Extended Capacity Capable
  • Recording Capacity: 70 Hours (8GB) + 64GB External (560 Hours)
  • Real PEN (can write)
  • Recording Format: WAV
  • Reset Button
  • Upload recordings to Windows or Mac or Android Phones 
  • Continuous Recording Mode
  • Recharge with any USB port Charger
  • 2-Hours quick-charge with any USB port 
  • Date/time stamp for legal/court admissibility
  • Metal body with black finish
  • Recommended** And for More General Information Visit Our Voice Recorders Help Section

Our customers get a full demo of the products & tested at time of purchase for quality assurance.

The 8GB Spy Hidden Continuous Recording Digital Pen Audio Voice Recorder records voices for up to 630 Hours (with 64GB External Memory Card inserted), from up to 20 feet away. You can use it in a professional environment or even personal use. The unique design makes it near impossible to see or tell that its a Voice recording Pen.  

Portable and practical, the Voice Recorder can be taken anywhere to record audio from meetings, conversations, phone calls, surveillance, and other situations where an unobtrusive way of recording audio is needed. It looks and writes like an ordinary ballpoint pen, making it inconspicuous and unobtrusive. Use the pen for repeating directions while on your cell phone. Or for help to memorize client names. This pen will work perfectly.

Simply unscrew the pen at the center, and plug into any Windows or Mac USB or Android port to listen to your recordings and recharge.

Not only can it record audio, it also functions as an ordinary flash drive and can store other files/documents. 


Main Features

Our Highest Capacity Spy PEN (64GB Micro SD Card not included)
Simply purchase a Micro SD Card up to 64GB capacity and extend our Spy Pen Voice recorder to hold up to 630 Hours of audio files. You can even store other files on the Micro SD Card for many other purposes.  

Continuous Recording Modes
Simply press the top button on the pen and hold for 2 seconds and you have started recording. The battery will last up to 10 Hours In continuous recording mode at a clear bit rate of 512 kbps (HQ Sound). 

Time/Date Stamp (Windows only)
Comes with software program to set time/date on your recordings so you know when each one took place.

Recording Quality (512 kbps, WAV Format)

  • HQ (High Quality mode): HQ mode has a high quality recording

Super Sensitive Microphone 
This Spy Pen allows you to catch even the furthest sounds with its super sensitive Pen microphone. This makes the Spy Pen very useful in case you need to hide the Pen inside a Purse, Pocket, book and even inside a drawer which may require a higher level of sensitivity for the microphone. 

HD Quality Audio (512 kbps, WAV Format)
Files are recorded in WAV format and can be played back in any audio program including VLC Player, iTunes or Windows Media Player.

NEW Smart Design
NOW the charging port is hidden inside the pen which makes it look like an ordinary Professional Pen for any use. No beeps, noises or earphone jack, looks & writes just like a quality pen.

Records While Plugged In + 10 days Battery Life. 
Use the built-in battery as your power source or plug into any High Quality and Over Charge Protection capable USB power source or the optional USB charger for unlimited recording power. Takes only 2 hours to fully charge and you can also use a Power Bank to extend the Battery life of the device for even longer recordings. 

70 Hours Audio Capacity + 64GB External Memory (560 Hours)
No need to worry about running out of space. You can at anytime move/edit/delete your files stored on the Pen.

8GB Internal Memory
This Spy Pen can hold up to 70 hours of audio files with its 8GB internal Memory! This recorder can hold 3 days of audio! Want to add even more memory? You can purchase a 64GB Micro SD Card to extend the Recording Capacity to 630 Hours. 

MAC & Windows & Android Compatible 
Works on any MAC or Windows computer. Just plug it in and it functions as a USB storage device.


  • Memory: 8GB Record Time
  • HQ: 70 hours Record Time
  • Extended Capacity: 64GB Micro SD Card (560 Hours) 
  • Record Format: WAV
  • Bit Rate Quality: 512kbps
  • Charge Time: 2 hours Charge/PC Connect: USB cable 
  • Battery Life: 10 hours 
  • Continuous Recording Mode
  • Weight: 20g 
  • Dimensions: 1.4(D) x 14.5 cm(L)

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